About Us







APB CAPITAL is a multi-asset investment firm

PORTFOLIO: APB CAPITAL has a diverse number of investments across a broad range of business stages, industries and geographies
STAFF: APB CAPITAL has a team of experts with deep industry, operational and functional expertise
STRATEGY: APB CAPITAL manages investments that are strategic and operational with insights to drive change and build great companies
INDUSTRY: APB CAPITAL maintains a breadth and depth of industry expertise across key growth sectors

OUR OBJECTIVE: APB CAPITAL employs short & long equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research utilizing thorough analysis to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the global equity markets. The level of expertise allows us to identify compelling opportunities to invest in publicly traded companies and pre-IPO opportunities

Multi-asset investment strategies can help you to achieve particular investment outcomes, such as:
1. Growth: Seek long-term capital appreciation at lower levels of volatility than stocks
2. Income: Seek cash flow in a risk-aware and diversified manner
3. Absolute Return: Seek consistent returns across market cycles with low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds
4. Lifecycle: Seek consistent lifetime consumption across multiple time horizons

In 2002, former Financial Investment Group partners was purchased by Aaron P Bryant Enterprises, Inc. as a private management consulting firm. Since the founding, APB Enterprises, Inc., has remained highly focused on leveraging resources and acquisitions of small privately owned businesses primarily in areas of technology.

Presently, APB CAPITAL has evolved into a national equity platform built upon the hallmark of assisting other businesses evolve and prosper. On that framework, unique and actionable investments, analytical portfolios, risk management evolved to generate attractive returns in a broad equity market.

APB CAPITAL has an objective to generate attractive returns through business ventures, partnerships and equity opportunities. Deploying fundamental approaches based on thorough analysis, short | long term strategies provide opportunities across the markets.

Our partners appreciate how APB CAPITAL provides incremental value, shared insights, transparency and service for current and potential co-investments and strategic relationships.