When building portfolios for our clientele, we are responsible for managing the portfolio and delivering results. Whether it is business improvement, retail, real estate or a family financials; we provide a level of discretion and attention that is unwavering. We are responsible for portfolio strategy, implementation, day-today management and operations of businesses and financial oversight. We provide directive recommendation on asset allocation, structure and analysis to support clients, partners and stakeholders.


At APB CAPITAL, we focus on businesses that are passionate about growth and transforming their industry. Our interests range from technology, software, health care, retail and security. We have identified SaaS, consumer technology and application innovation.

Our unique and differentiated platform empowers founders to grow their companies at all stages. This starts with a partnership that has a deep domain expertise and extensive operating experience. Furthermore, we leverage platforms to help founders access networks that will assist in their path.

Through partnership and trust, we build and capitalize on the future and opportunities.

Real Estate

APB CAPITAL has a large portfolio and resources invested in real estate. With the growing trends and opportunities that continually exist, real estate has provided residual income and profit for clients. With construction management, investment sales and long-term real estate planning providing support towards private equity; the team at APB CAPITAL applies its operational expertise to accelerate impact and drive earning power.

Small Business

APB CAPITAL understands that investing creates the power to build builds great companies that deliver both competitive financial returns and measurable social empowerment. APB CAPITAL pursues investments that can utilize unique capabilities to help mission-drive companies scale and drive meaningful change.

Our goal is to scale financial and impact growth for partner companies, which are solving critical social problems, maintain sustainable business models, providing employment to the community and creating financial potential.

APB CAPITAL believes that value-added approaches, experienced team and broad platforms of expertise will provide the resources and capabilities that companies need to thrive.


APB CAPITAL evolved to understand that its talented teams could employ analytical, data-driven investments that would provide direction with improved processes to create partnerships that would limit risk and provide attractive opportunities.

Therefore, since 2018, the idea of partnering internal resources allowed for APB CAPITAL invested businesses and team members to invest in specialized or niche strategies that would normally prove complex or difficult to access. This work and unique opportunities will conduct comprehensive diligence and create reasonable investment decisions to improve the overall performance(s) for APB CAPITAL.

The cross collaboration within APB CAPITAL has established a momentum to seek to build long-term partnerships with other talented investment teams. The collaboration to design flexible capital partnerships that are customized for a specific strategy or situation has proved to be dynamic.


APB CAPITAL aims to build the growing success of technology, by helping tech companies reach their full potential. APB CAPITAL focuses on small to large, growing end markets with innovative or disruptive technology that require support for transformational growth.

With dedicated, talented team members that has deep experience supporting growing technology businesses, operational performances; APB CAPITAL can bring together differentiated backgrounds.

We invest behind fundamental long-term tech performers across industries, that create small to large investment opportunities such as: FinTech, Healthcare IT, Internet, Digital Media, Security, Infrastructure, Project Management, Software, Cloud, IaaS, Saas…etc.