The Life Coaching Institute (LCI) is among the fastest growing businesses impacting others all over the country. LCI supports corporate entities, public agencies, scholastic organizations, students and people just like you – looking for self-discovery and/or empowerment.

Under the guidance of its Founder and CEO, Dr. Aaron P Bryant, PhD whom is a trained Master Life Coach himself; with an expertise in behavioral performance. The institute is leading a fluid infrastructure of professionals supporting people all over the country. The team of experts support their clientele in areas related to their careers, finance, health, scholastic goals and personal performance(s).

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people recognize their strengths to obtain extraordinary results.

Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus to reach their goals.

Coaching is recognized world-wide for its techniques, derived from philosophy, theology, psychology and neuro-linquistic programming (NLP) to name a few.

Coaching from LCI – will help YOU achieve whatever you can envision.


Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Is your setback professional, personal or internal?

Which service are you interested in?

Why do you feel you need a coach?>

If 100% is your highest goal - what percentage are you now?

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What you will achieve from the Life Coaching Institute experience

“Every person will gain something different, because each person is different.” Dr. Bryant

  • >Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • >Emotional healing
  • >Forgive others and release old feelings
  • >Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • >Work through major life transitions
  • >Improve relationships with loved ones and co-workers
  • >Identify and clarify business or personal goals
  • >Get motivated with a clear action plan
  • >Entrepreneurial guidance
  • >Career improvement / transition
  • >Self focus
  • >Develop and implement organizational skills
  • >Develop leadership and public speaking skills
  • >Financial guidance
  • >Personal development
  • >Behavior management
  • ongoing support and measurable rewards


“Aaron listened attentively to my concerns. He teased out the source of my fears and helped me shift my focus to my aspirations. Together, we identified motivations I couldn’t previously name. He also equipped me with individualized strategies and powerful self-talk to get me through the tough times. Aaron’s guidance got me out of my own way and firmly on the path toward the completion of my Master’s degree. I know I wouldn’t have moved forward without Aaron’s coaching.” – Monica M., M.Ed. Candidate

“In my pursuit to start my own business – I was not sure of the direction I should take and was not familiar with the risks. I tried to build my own business plan and felt that something was still missing. The risk was too great and I needed to be sure, before I took on too big of a chance.

I contacted Dr. Bryant and he was able to review my materials and without judgement, provided me an analytical approach to justify my data, but talked to me with very simple perspectives that allowed me to make my decision.

I can see why Dr. Bryant is successful. He is patient, non-judgmental and more importantly; he gets the difficulty of decision making. His experience, knowledge and ability to develop a process is why the clarity comes through when assisting me as my coach. I also found that his guidance and communication is clear, and I appreciate that. – Gabriel P.

“Aaron has proven to be a valuable asset in my dissertation journey. His guidance is solid and his patience was greatly appreciated. He allowed me the freedom to think out loud to make sense of my journey while gently guiding along the correct past.” – La Tonya C.

“I have known Aaron – for years, prior to him becoming Dr. Bryant. So when I called upon him, he did not pass me to another expert in the LCI. His caring heart personally assisted me through both personal and financial challenges. His level of knowledge and expertise is something I trusted to guide me forward. That is why I called him.” – Adriane A.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Aaron P Bryant, PhD

Certified: Master Coach

  • US Military Combat Veteran
  • Keynote Speaker and Fortune 500 Trainer
  • 3x CEO – Successful Entrepreneur ($1M revenue < 3 years)
  • Subject Matter Expert in Behaviors, Emotions and Life Transitions
  • Award Winning Business Leader
  • Award Winning Professor / Educator
  • Certified Stock Trader
  • Community Philanthropist
“Show me a perfect person, and you will be showing me a picture of yourself;
because mistakes exist, so we can continue to improve upon ourselves.”
Dr. Aaron Bryant
Founder and CEO
APB, LLC – Life Coaching Institute


Throughout my life, I grew up always trying to prove something. That internal purpose came from my own personal challenges that erupted since childhood. The reality of this was in my own head, thereby creating an unnecessary demand upon myself. Those type of demands can be harmful, by resulting in impatience, harmful decisions, forced expectations from others, etc. For me, I became an over-achiever and the result of that was consistent mistakes…on top of my accomplishments.

We all have a purpose and we all have challenges. The question is, what are we doing about it to isolate and achieve what we want?

Since returning from the military, I have suffered so many setbacks. Yet, the irony is that these “setbacks” actually cleared the path for me to see what was necessary for me to understand about myself. I have also come to understand what I did to get here…and how all my experiences was a path I needed to take to be at this point. Give me a chance to help you. There is no limit to what you can accomplish.

My clients have become life-long friends…whom have my unconditional support to hear from me on a continued basis, access my materials, attend my workshops and/or just discuss life one on one .

Mr. Berry Fowler, Founder & (former) Chairman of Sylvan Learning Centers and current Chairman of Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching and School of Business is my personal mentor. Therefore, it is expected of me (and my peers) to provide and maintain the highest level of performance. We are accredited and shall deliver the successfully proven performances to give a personal guide towards your goals.

“If you talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head .
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

“You can’t grow as a person – without mistakes. You don’t know what perfect is – without imperfection.”

Kevin Hart